We are a software company with unique technologies for digitally transforming your business.
We can eliminate all of your paperwork and spreadsheets in a heartbeat.
We equip you with specialsed AI tools that augment and enhance the efforts of your team.
We provide the very best in teamwork automation software to supercharge your team.
We are the technology partner that can drive the transformation that you need.
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Management Capacity

Gains of up to 6x in your management capacity for digitally transformed operations. Benefit from extensive management automation with guided workflows. Only issues requiring management attention bubble to the top. Uncover deep insights into your operations with six analytics dashboards. Automatic trend analysis reports keep you on track. Operations reports highlight people and process issues.

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Operational Efficiency

Eliminate the administrative overhead in performing operational tasks. Automated “paperwork” means you will never write a report again. This will free-up 20% of your operational time. Eliminate waiting times on approvals and wasted time on calls and emails trying to discover approval status. Evidence of work is automatically captured. User activity is driven by an individual dedicated schedule. Build in rules automatically trigger follow-up task scheduling.

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Operational Controls

Better operational controls deliver better results and ensure nothing gets dropped. Achieve consistent technical compliance through guided workflows driven by your domain expertise. Eliminate the opportunity for personnel to opt-out from practices that are essential to your brand and what you stand for. Get complete traceability of everything.

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Organizational Awareness

Our software has a built-in unique ability to map onto your organizational structure. This provides automatic control of access to both functionality and operational data including valuable analytics. Every manager gets aggregated and consolidated analytics in real-time from their entire subordinate reporting line. Changes to your organization structure can be modeled in just a few mouse clicks.

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Analytics are central to successful digital transformation. But there is no “one-size-fits-all”. That’s why we bring you six specialized analytics dashboards that are fully interactive. Task Analytics gives you statistical insights and includes risk profiling capabilities. Aged Workflows provide you with timely insights to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. All Workflows provide you with complete transparency and traceability of every process. Networks provide you with instant pictorial overviews of the state of assets and processes. Range Processes provide an amazing ability to track related sets of items as they advance through disconnected processes. Traceability is a specialized dashboard for analyzing the sources of ingredients that contributed to making a product.

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We deliver software solutions 10x faster and 10x cheaper than traditional software. This means you get the software you need at a price you can afford. Solutions to problems can be delivered within days, not months, and at a fraction of the normal financial and management cost of bespoke software development. In addition, because our software is completely configurable, it means it is continuously adaptable and able to stay relevant to your business. All of our software utilizes our VERTHOS software platform that is proven in industry for the past seven years. We don’t lock you in to onerous contracts. You pay a single monthly fee that covers everything, including support. If you decide that our software is not for you then simply stop paying and walk away.